The best online live dealer games

There may be many live games on the internet from many different websites. Many direct dealer brands and casinos have made unimaginable efforts to offer more games to players. Here is a list of the best games you will find at any online casino:

Blackjack Direct Seller

The best live blackjack games have real -time dealers who can provide up to 7 boxes for each table. The game uses 8 decks in shoes and they are changed routinely. The game can usually be played on your mobile phone or desktop.

A goal in blackjack is to score a goal higher than the dealer but without beating 21 points. Which is sometimes difficult.

Blackjack has some great opportunities. The house edge is very small and can be converted to a player in many cases. This makes this game one of the best for players. The advantage of the house is not higher than 3% and that is considered very low.

Poker live dealer

In poker players play with each other. Now, there is an opportunity for them to play against the house without having to search or even wait for someone else to join the game.

There are many types of live dealer poker that you can find online:

Live Hold’em – This is the most common variant of poker. This has all the basic rules and makes you go against the dealer.

Live Caribbean stud poker – This variant is very similar to a five -card draw, with players and dealers each playing with 5 cards.

3 card poker – This variant uses regular poker hands although they are changed for 3 cards and not for the original 5 cards.

Live dealer roulette

Playing cambodia live casino roulette is the same as playing in a physical casino. But instead of having a random number generator, the game has a real dealer who will spin the wheel and drop the ball onto the wheel.

There is a schedule for everyone on live roulette, something you can take advantage of. So you do not have to be busy that this game is only for high players. There is a schedule for everyone.