Slot – All time favorite

Like other tools and machines, casino games have gone through much transformation and evolution. The one-arm Bandit, the first slot machine invented by Mr. Fey, many new features and components that have been incorporated since then. But the underline principle and modus operandi remain unchanged. Still, a wager inserts coins in the slit, hoping to see the much-dreamed symbols proclaiming him to be a winner. The game rules remain the same, but the rewards from a pack of cigarettes, cigars and beverages metamorphosed into a million-dollar jackpot. The risk-reward ratio tilted towards the player, like never before.

A multimillion-dollar industry

The primitive slot machine in the basement of Mr. Fey started a multimillion-dollar industry, which attracted casino house and players all over the world. As the industry expanded, the casino companies thrived on designing more user-friendly, immersive, engaging slot machines. From a simple one lever unimpressive machine, it turned to be the most attractive, alluring casino games with a spectrum of vivid sound effects, glowing, colorful lights and bells. Manufactures invested loads of money to improve the design and interface of the machines. The new features allowed the wager multiple coins simultaneously and the winning amount to be directly credited in the payroll.

The simple lever was replaced by smart buttons, multiple paylines instead of a monotonous single one, making slot machines more engaging and alluring. Wild symbols were introduced by developers, which substitute any other symbol creating a triumphing combination. Technologies have changed many aspects of life, so is mechanical slot machines. The microprocessor runs the slot machine, generates the number on a random basis. The technology gives a fair chance to all players and enables the house to calculate average bet size, evaluate odds, and trace the number of games played and other metrics. All these factors give the house, to assess and formulate risk exposure.

Cloud computing technology

Cloud computing technology is buzzing in the tech sector, and many tech giants are eager to taste the tart, and the casino industry is also plunging in action. Gaming developers are designing and publishing numerous immersive apps which are compatible with all mobile devices and operating system. Every smartphone can e a virtual casino through an app, and players can enjoy any casino game anytime, anywhere that has access to the internet. The casino industry always embraced new technology and implemented it perfectly, and the trend is expected to continue.

The augmented reality environment, easy access to devices such as; HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, gambling is more fun, immersive, and thrilling. The thrill and excitement of slot machines continue, irrespective of it being played through hand lever, buttons, touch screens, or brain waves.

Though the online casino rules are ambiguous in many parts of the world, online casino slot games are the favorite pastime. Gambling is more accepted in society due to changes in perception and more usage of the internet. Slots are the prime revenue generator of the casino companies, contributing around 70% of the gross revenue. The casino houses agreed to share a part of slot revenue with the local government, which boost the regional economy.