Introduction to CQ9 Gaming

CQ9 Gaming is a fairly new provider, and it has got a distinctive geographical focus. It is five years old, and it focuses on the Asian markets. This could be a source of disappointment to those based in countries such asthe US or regions such asEurope – but it doesn’t detract from the fact that this is a provider with a strong portfolio thatcovers all sorts of different types of games. It also clearly provides a player-friendly environment, with customer-centric gameplay setups in place as well as a game engine that is powered by the well-known HTML5 system – which increases accessibility.

History of CQ9 Gaming

The history of CQ9 Gaming is interesting. It has made the decision so far to focus on the Asian markets, which makes sense given that it is headquartered in the Taiwanese city of Taipei. It was only set up in 2016, which illustrates just how fast its process of growth has been in recent years.

There have been several big milestones in the company’s history in recent years. It launched its first slot games back in 2017, a year after launch – so clearly it didn’t hang around. It then went on to diversify its gaming offer and provide new forms of gameplay: in 2018, for example, it brought to market its first ‘Dragon Jackpot’ jackpot slot system, which was progressive in nature.

CQ9 Gaming Top Games

There isa whole host of games available at CQ9 Gaming, many of which reflect the company’s areas of geographical focus.

One of these, for example, is Fa Cai Shen 2. There are five reels available with this game, so there are plenty of chances to win. This game is perfect for those who want an international element to their gambling: Fa Cai translates as ‘lucky money’, which gives it an interesting touch.

However,not all of the games offered by this provider are themed around Asia. Thor 2, for example, is all about Viking history and comes with 243 different ways to win. One thing that is particularly noticeable about this game is that it offers useful and relevant game symbols. While it’s not quite top end in terms of the quality of the animations, it is certainly stimulating to play. The same goes for the music, which is composed in an epic way to create the best possible atmosphere for those playing.

One of the thematic areas in which CQ9 Gaming focuses is the sport of soccer/football. A look down its game portfolio list shows that there are plenty of soccer-themed games on this firm’s books: games such asFootball Baby, Football Boots, and more cater to this specific niche. Even if you don’t want to play soccer-themed games, this support of niches indicates just how willing the brand is to cater to demand and offer multiple spins on the same theme.

CQ9 Gaming Notable Awards

CQ9 Gaming has been acknowledged by others in the industry on several occasions. It has, for example, received a stamp of verification from Gaming Laboratories International (GLI).

CQ9 Gaming Summary

CQ9 Gaming might be a comparatively new company, but this doesn’t make it any less appealing. Its game portfolio shows that this is a company thatat least aims to be dynamic and fresh in the offers it makes to customers, and it’s no surprise to hear that the firm has a big base of players.

It’s up to CQ9 Gaming where it chooses to go next, of course. It’s not unimaginable to think that it might decide to expand into other markets, such as Europe. However, it may well be the case that it is content where it is focusing on the Asian market and may make the choice to stay there instead.