How to play Aztec Gold Slots?

How to play Aztec Gold Slots?

Aztec Gold Slots allows the player to choose several different video poker and slot games. It’s introduced in the Casino Technology as a part of Mega Jack company’s slot game. Players are always looking for their benefits of online real money. It is an identical slot and is a PC adaption launched a few years ago. In old days, it’s difficult to find a cash version of online Aztec Gold slot machine.

About the game

 The Aztec Gold play onlineslots are identically founded as an original slot to the 5 reels and up to 25 pay lines.  It includes some symbols like tribal masks, temple idols, etc.  Players can bet as little as a penny per spin on these game. It’s golden trivial while the player is offered a whopping amount as a reward of 10,000 coins and that is not enough they also get cash back up to 97%. The games feature includes a jackpot for symbols of golden dragon and idol. Even though it’s identical golden idols attracts reflection of appearance on 2,3 and 4. It is an amazing feature having great offers in the online version of the game.


Era game of Aztec Gold play online slots machine is having some different images from the ones that are found in classic card symbols. It’s a different style of image symbols are shown on large stone blocks. The spin button urns nert turn within a number lines up to 50. The statue gets two reels on the initial select size of the bet.

The useful advantage of this game is the two different bonus. It allows the player to trigger slots bonus. Diamond pyramid pulls all the offers of different prizes. Aztec Gold slot offers 10000 coin Jackpot if a player gets the symbol of the golden head dragon.

How to play Aztec Gold Slots?

In this game, the player comes across a wide variety of bet amounts. Betlines contains advantage of each spin winning of coins. Its elements and graphics are attractive and lure player towards playing the game and understanding the game is simplistic.

Hence, this game consists of different chances and challenges of having a lot of fun. The game has a lot of options to play. It gives you best offers as betting highest amount and jackpots while winning the game. To summarize this game, user’s reviews are worthy and valuable which getting rewards a scan of 7 out of 10.

Jackpot Breakdown

Wild huge jackpot contribution of 500 times bet lines aligning there five symbols. Its progressive jackpot is low and statue symbols are more valuable getting winning jackpot as a highest greater prize.